Iran to Unveil 122 Nuclear Achievements

Speaking to IRINN on Wednesday, AEOI spokesperson Behrouz Kamalvandi said President Hassan Rouhani has ordered to delay the unveiling of the new nuclear achievements amid the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

He said the new achievements include a series of products with industrial and medical application, including a number of radiopharmaceuticals for curing cancer, nuclear propulsion systems for ships and submarines, as well as high- and medium-power lasers with industrial use.

The spokesman also noted that Iran has synthesized 42 new deuterated compounds that are used in the pharmaceutical industry and in research.

With a total of 150 deuterated materials, Iran is now among the world’s top four or five countries in this field and has also begun exports, he added.

Kamalvandi further said that Iran is faced with no restrictions in the area of nuclear research and development and can practically manufacture various types of centrifuge machines in any quantity.

“We are manufacturing 60 advanced centrifuges every day. With the current trend in (uranium) enrichment, achieving 250,000 SWUs will be definitely at hand, but we are planning to reach one million SWUs,” he went on to say.

In recent years, Iranian scientists have made remarkable progress in the field of peaceful nuclear technology despite the sanctions imposed by the West.

It was the 14th year Iran was celebrating a national day to mark its achievements in the nuclear industry, although the outbreak of coronavirus prevented the unveiling of new products.

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