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Our mission is to provide international students with personalized education guidance and support for the purpose of pursuing education in Top universities across Major Iranian cities of Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad, Shiraz, Tabriz, Qazvin, Hamedan and many more.

Edu.Iran is always ready to help ensure you take the right step to fulfil your dreams and unleash your potentials.

Why Iran?

Despite the harsh international sanctions imposed by the international community on the Islamic Republic since its establishment, the Iranian people have managed to make a lot of scientific breakthroughs and record discoveries that are difficult to enumerate. Thus, the Iranian state and its people were able to precede the few other countries leading the world in development and prosperity.

During the last two decades, Iranian universities have succeeded in reserving a semi-permanent place on the list of the best countries in the world in terms of the quality of education and its ability to produce content that meets the requirements of the technological and scientific development the world is living in nowadays.

According to reports, the study of 25 countries with the highest global scientific growth shows that the rate of growth of science production in Iran reached 16%, which is the highest growth rate of science production in recent years. This result demonstrates the high academic capacity of Iranian researchers.

In addition, the report of the researchers of Dutch University of Leiden, which issued in 2016 a list of the top 100 universities in the world, shows the presence of four universities from Iran in this list in ranks ranging between 50 and ninety-eight.

That is how, Iranian universities have become a destination for many seekers of knowledge around the world and from the neighboring countries of the Islamic Republic of Iran in particular.

Our Services

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We are ever-ready to assist you in every step of the way. From filing applications to your university of choice, till securing you an offer letter; we will ensure that your application process runs smoothly and successfully.

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Our team of counsellors are there to offer specific advice regarding course guidance, University availability, and entry requirements that meet both your aspirations and budget.

edu.iran tehran university of medical sciences technological development


We are fully committed to provide high-level of support in every step of your journey. Our team are well-informed, detailed and readily available to offer support in assisting your every query.

edu.iran tehran university of medical sciences technological development


In the hope to ensure your safety and successful transition, our experienced personnel will make appropriate arrangement for offer acceptance, payment guidance, VISA, pre-departure briefing, and airport pick up upon successfully receiving an offer.

Why Edu.IRAN?

This is what few of our customers have to say about our services.

With the help of Edu.IRAN, I could determine the right university that matched my interest and budget. My application process was completed quickly and professionally. I did not have to make a practical effort myself and the visa was sent to my door step.
narjes joumaa
MD (Medical Sciences, Beheshti Univ.)
Edu.IRAN not only assisted me with documentations and attaining educational visa, but even helped me choose the right place for learning Persian Language, accommodation and even the food. By the way, they also provided a luxurious Airport pickup.
shoaib mehdi
b.a. tV Direction (IRIB Univ.)
Going to Iran for studies needed a reliable and trustworthy source, to provide me with the information and process the documents. Edu.IRAN treated me like a family member, kept me updated throughout the application process.
hoda youness
B.a. animation (IRIB Univ.)

Frequently asked questions

Teaching at all Iranian universities present mostly in Persian language, accordingly none-Iranian applicants who are graduated from none Iranian institutions with no knowledge of Persian language need to pass the Persian language learning terms just after final admission by ministry of higher education and before arriving to their specific course of study.

Even for International Campuses, with English language as a main teaching language, learning Persian language is still a requirement.

Most Iranian universities offer a student residence hall (dormitory) or a building including student flats to international students. Most dormitories and flats have furnished double rooms with a shared kitchen, bathroom and living/television room. There are also shared laundry facilities for both dormitories and flats.

Female and male students have separate buildings, and, for married students, universities may offer couples dormitories or make special arrangements for couples to reside in similar establishments.

Although rooms are usually furnished, you may need to provide your own blankets, pillows, sheets, and some kitchen utensils. It is highly recommended to check everything beforehand through the website of your university to be well-prepared. However, rest assured that you can find all required items for a student life in all urban areas and cities in Iran.

Iran is a country with an endless list of cuisines and dishes. One may not believe it, but there are many native Iranians who have not yet had the chance to taste traditional dishes of certain regions around the country. 

Traditional Iranian foods are truly diverse, and they range from various kinds of stews to different types of roasted meat and kebabs to fried dishes to baked dishes to numerous soups and pottages to an assortment of salads, desserts, sweets and confectionary. You have an endless number of choices to enjoy all types of delicious edibles.

Prominent universities in Iran determine dining plans for their students, which may or may not include all three meals. Meal plans for a subsidized fee are almost always provided on workdays, i.e. Saturday to Wednesday and may also be available on holidays.

Health insurance is a crucial requirement for students. Most Iranian universities provide their international students with health insurance. 

The currency of Iran is the Iranian Rial. The currency code for Rial is IRR, and the currency symbol is ﷼. There is also another money unit in Iran which is called Toman, and it is equivalent to 10 Rials. Toman is more common in oral communication, while Rial is the official unit and used in formal situations and bank transactions.

it is recommended to exchange some money at an official organization before leaving for Iran as foreign currencies are not accepted here.

Please be aware that, in general, the exchange rate in the Central Bank of Iran is different from the market rate offered in exchange offices.

International students are allowed to open a bank account in Iran after completing their registration. The relevant bank will issue a debit card which can be used in ATMs around the city.

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